• Ben Johnston

Self massage techniques to reduce pain: Hips

In the massage world I understand pain to be simply a part of the body that feels “tight” due to inflammation putting pressure on the surrounds areas. This tightness causes the muscles and joints to improperly operate and will eventually cause those muscles to shut off. The only thing left is the pressure on the nerves therefore causing pain to be felt.

How do you reduce the pain, aka inflammation?

Answer: Decrease the pressure in the lymphatic system at it’s pinch points: knees, hips, core, armpits, ribs, and neck.

The most prominent pinch point is at your hips. The space between your front hip bone (ASIS) and your pubic bone is the inguinal ligament. Your lymphatic fluid can be slowed at this location and cause an influx of pressure in your whole system. Do you wear really tight underwear, pants, or a belt? How about sitting all day, laying on your side or front at night, or do a lot of driving? These activities, or lack thereof, could be a contributing factor to your pain felt anywhere in your body.

A very simple technique is to self massage your hips. Start with a flat hand on the top of your leg (quad) and pull up towards your stomach, going between your hip bone and pubic bone. By doing this will help your lymphatic flow over/under that inguinal ligament causing less pressure to build in your legs.

Be aware of how your body feels. Can you feel the size of your inguinal ligament? Is that area tender at first then does the pain start to go away? Doing this over time can really help in many areas including a reduction in lower back tension, feeling like you have more strength in your hips and core, and even lessening the pain/pressure of a headache.

Try it out and let me know your feelings about this technique.


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