• Ben Johnston

The First Sign of Inflammation is an Itch.

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

The very first thing that I notice in myself and while I’m working on others is an itch. A simple sensation under the skin that requires you to reach to that area and itch yourself is the very fist sign of inflammation being present.

While I’m working on a lymphatic flush with someone and I’m down on their hips or core I’ll notice that, if their inflammation is becoming compressed (like having a kink in a hose), any person will reach for the area of the back of the head, neck line, or clavicle line to itch a spot. Some will even put pressure on their sinus cavities. I ask them in the moment what they feel and many times they are unaware that they even had an itch or pressure being felt or they will give some kind of reason for the activity that dates back to when they were a kid. It all depends on how long they feel the connection is in relation to the discomfort they feel.

In truth, an itch is the simplest sign of inflammation at that moment.

The moment an itch is present is the location where the lymphatic system is slow and building in pressure. For many people, this location is where they feel “tight” all the time. For me, when I’m working all day and I know my posture is not holding up I’ll do one of those cat scratches on the nearest wall corner or door frame that I can find. I know that if it doesn’t go away then it’s inflammation starting to build. I’ll work on the opposite muscles, like the pectoralis major/minor or in between the ribs to soften and expand the body so the back itch will then go away on it’s own; without me even doing a cat scratch.

So the next time you have an itch, try to imagine that area becoming inflamed and instead of focusing on rubbing out or itching that location, try to be in the moment with your body and analyze what brought you up to this moment in time. You’ll probably find that what created the itch was structurally related to poor posture of some kind and learning how to have better posture will create less inflammation and less itchiness in the body.


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