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Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner of holistic medicine, I integrate conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of healing.

Women's Underwear

Customer Favorites

Below are the links to hat my clients have chosen to limit the restrictions on their body. Your underwear line can have the greatest impact on your lymphatic system. Waist lines that are too high or too tight can cause lymphatic kinks. Tight and restrictive bras will pinch off the blood flow back to the heart. 

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Lounge Triangle Briefs are a popular brand and have the same styles that benefit an open lymphatic flow if the hip lines are below the ASIS (front hip bone). Click here for the website.


Many different tools to use

The link below will take you to a massager that I use in my massage sessions. This tool helps break down the tight muscles and increases blood/lymph flow. I'll post some videos on how I use it. 

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